A clinical case of spontaneous left carotid artery dissection


  • Nevena Kamenova UHATNP „St. Naum”
  • N. Topalov UHATNP "St.Naum"; Medical university – Sofia
  • D. Bogdanova UHATNP "St.Naum"; Medical university – Sofia
  • I. Milanov UHATNP "St.Naum"; Medical university – Sofia


carotid artery dissection, ischemic stroke, arterial hypertension, headache


Carotid artery dissection is the most common cause of ischemic stroke at a young age. According to their etiology, dissections are divided into spontaneous and traumatic. Patients with spontaneous carotid artery dissection often have a history of mild trauma with neck hyperextension or rotation. Treatment options for carotid artery dissection include thrombolysis, antiplatelet or anticoagulant therapy, endovascular techniques, or surgery. We present a clinical case of a patient at 29 years of age with complaints of numbness and weakness in the right extremities, pulsating back headache, with accompanying systemically untreated arterial hypertension. Upon diagnosis dissection of the left internal carotid artery, neurosurgical treatment was performed.


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