Migraine and Epilepsy in childhood


  • Zhivka Chuperkova UMHAT "Sv.Marina"; Medical university – Varna


epilepsy, comorbidity, migraine


The comorbidity of migraine and epilepsy which occurs in both adults and children has been reflected in numerous publications in the literature over the years. Both diseases have some similar clinical features and pathophysiological mechanisms.
The imbalance between excitatory and inhibitory factors leading to periods of altered brain functions and autonomic symptoms has been discussed. Migraine and epilepsy also share common genetic factors. Certain therapeutic agents are suitable for both diseases. Regarding terminology, categories such as hemicrania epileptica, migralepsy, migraine aura-triggered epileptic seizures, etc. have been introduced in the literature in order to better describe borderline conditions. Migraine and epilepsy often occur simultaneously, as shown by the results of a large number of studies. However, the exact mechanisms that determine comorbidity need to be clarified, while terminology, classification, diagnostic criteria would probably be subject to improvement.


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