Efficacy and safety of Tiyozid (thiocolchicoside) in patients with acute low back pain


  • Desislava Bogdanova UHATNP "St.Naum"; Medical university – Sofia https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1387-5442
  • V. Todorov UHATNP "St.Naum"; Medical university – Sofia
  • A. Atanasov UHATNP „St. Naum”
  • T. Evdenova UHATNP „St. Naum”
  • K. Pekova UHATNP „St. Naum”
  • N. Kalaidzhiev UHATNP „St. Naum”
  • D. Gadzhalova UHATNP „St. Naum”
  • M. Ivanova UHATNP „St. Naum”


low back pain, thiocolchicoside, treatment


Introduction: Low back pain back is one of the most frequent and disabling conditions to visit a neurologist and is the leading cause of impaired daily activity at young people. However, in some patients, we need additional options to manage the acute pain. Additional treatment options should be sought.
Aim: To evaluate the effect and tolerability of thiocolchicoside (Tiyozid) tablets and I.m. ampoules in acute low back pain.
Patients and methods: Three groups of patients were studied – on treatment with thiocolchicoside ampoules, on treatment with thiocolchicoside tablets and a control group on treatment with NSAID – flurbiprofen.
Results: A comparable analgesic effect was found in all the groups - with flurbiprofen, thiocolchicoside tablets and thiocolchicoside ampoules. The choice of a given medication should be determined by the patient's specific profile.
In conclusion, thiocolchicoside is effective, with very good tolerability and no significant side effects in patients with acute low back pain. It can be recommended as a good alternative to NSAIDs, especially in the absence of effect or in the presence of contraindications to the use of other medications.
Thiocolchicoside could be administered as tablets or as intramuscular injections, both as monotherapy or in combination with corticosteroids or NSAIDs.


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