About BHPS

The Bulgarian Headache Society was registered in 1999 with headquarters UMHATNP “Saint Naum” Sofia 1113, Bulgaria, Tzarigradsko shosse - IV km, 1, Lyuben Russev str. It has been preregistered as Bulgarian Headache and Pain Society (BHPS) a year later. The society is a member both of the Scientific Medical Societies in Bulgaria and of the European Headache Federation (EHF). The president of the society is Prof. Ivan Milanov, MD, PhD, DSc, coresponding member of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, member also of the EHF council.

The BHPS unites more than a 100 Bulgarian Neurologists (the members of the Society) who are being trained by specialized teaching courses in the field of pain and headache periodically.

The goals of the BHPS are:
● Introducing new aspects of treatment to patients.
● Release of the journal of BHPS – Cephalgia.
● Monographs in the main fields of interest (headache and pain).
● Inculcation of new scientific methods in the clinical practice.